So How Do You Manage Your Classroom When You Don’t Punish?

Very insightful and effective!

Pernille Ripp

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Following the debate over public behavior charts, many people wondered what they could do in its place to still keep students engaged and on track?  I referred to a few posts but then realized that I did not have just one post that laid out exactly what I do in my own room, tips and ideas are in many different places.  And then I realized, I don’t really have one system because my approach changes every year depending on the needs of the students and the type of community we strive to make.  And yet, there are threads that run through every year with my students of what we do.

  • I don’t set the rules.  The students know how to do school, in fact, by 5th grade they are experts at it.  So instead of me telling them what the rules of the room is, I…

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The Differentiation Band-aid

This blog post I found is very interesting and enlightening!

The Differentiation Band-aid 


Awhile back I came across this blog post and thought it was a genius idea for demonstrating differentiation. It is also a great way to introduce the idea that every student is different and every student has different needs. It is very important that your students understand that they are a community and they need to support each member in their community in order for it to grow and be successful all year.

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