Interviews…. the dreaded, scary, nerve-wrecking experiences we must all face!

I recently had an interview for OT at the school board I would love to work at. I was totally shocked when I saw that the caller ID on my phone read out Peel District School Board. I never thought that I would be given an opportunity to ‘wow’ the judges so soon after I graduated; but alas my chance came!

I was given so many different tips and tricks from so many different people who had interviews. I heard that the questions would be timed, the interviewers sat very close to you, and that there would be a written component in the beginning. Having all these tips helped me by relieving some of the surprises that I would face during the process. I thought I would share some knowledge with you!

When I first arrived to the interview, I was surprised at how many other candidates were there; I was also surprised at the amount of people that I knew from my classes and practicums. When they finally called the 8:30am people in the classroom to write the written test, I was beyond surprised at how many people were actually there for the interview. There were people scheduled for 8, 830, and 9 am as far as I could see.

Next came the written test, consisting of one question explaining that one of your students came back from recess complaining that another student had kicked her three times in the stomach. How would YOU handle the situation??

I later found out that the purpose of this test is to assess your language proficiency.

After this test we went back into the waiting area to wait for our names to be called. I got called in by a VP and a principal and they DID sit awfully close to me. They told me to relax, not to be nervous; and they gave me a binder which had the questions in it and told me I could use it if I needed it.

Here are the questions in no particular order (because I can’t remember the order)

1. Class management –> talk about how you would handle a class and examples of your class management experiences.

2. Diversity–> talk about how you have demonstrated diversity in your practice and how you would do it in your own class

3. What is unique about you that you can bring to a school ? How have you shown this? –>talk about a quality you have that you have used to enhance a class (ie creative, dancer, drama, singing, music, athletic etc)

4. Describe a lesson/unit plan that was successful and how do you know it was successful–> explain with examples and details.

5. A question about assessment & evaluation–> give different examples and show differentiated assessments for all needs

6. Accommodations and Modifications–> give a lot of examples of how you did this!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: smile, breathe, talk with confidence, take your time, and use genuine examples, they can feel your enthusiasm and passion in your face and body language!

Hope if you get a call you can be prepared!!!!




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