Cool ideas observed in the classroom!

During my time as an OT, I’ve been to some classes where nothing grabs my attention in being “extraordinary”. Then there are times where I see these ideas that I think, “hey! I can totally see myself implementing these into my classroom!” After a few photos and notes; this is what I’ve found so far.

Helping Hands:


This is geared more towards a primary class. I loved this idea because the students loved to follow their roles and they are very adamant about which job belongs to whom. The jobs are valid for one week and must rotate in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Some jobs include: calendar, books, shoes, chairs, lights, floor, attendance, collector, handouts etc. (basically whatever you want in your classroom)

Class Management: 


I thought these were great ways to get the attention of the class. They are fun and different to add variety to your everyday.

Organizing folder:





This is a great way for students to organize their writing. They learn to transfer their work from ideas, to work in process, and the edited draft. Of course the slots can be modified however you see fit. You can add any important information that you might want your students to know or use as a tool while writing.

Leaving the Classroom Tracker:

This is great for primary classes, instead of having a “sign-out” book.


You can modify any of these to fit the needs of your classroom!



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