I believe…

I believe that it is important that each child feels that they have agency when they are in the classroom. Each child should be given a space for inquiry and exploration. I offer each child in my classroom a space to grow academically as well as emotionally while offering differentiated instruction, inquiry based learning, and equitable and diverse practices. I also believe that teaching and learning are processes which are constantly changing through new breakthroughs, technologies and our ever-changing society. I am also a firm believer of using technology within the classroom to enhance a student’s learning.

Each child is an individual learner with individual needs. Equality and Equity are two different concepts that should not be confused with each other–especially in the classroom. Equity is what teachers need to remember when providing accommodations and modifications for their students. Each child learns differently and deserves the opportunity to grow and excel at their own pace.

Each child deserves the right to be advocates for themselves. Every student needs the right to be active agents in their own learning. Children have a right to voice their opinions–it is the teacher’s job to provide a safe and inclusive avenue for inquiry learning to occur.

— K


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